HR Strategy

HR Strategy ensures that the  strategic management of human resources  is aligned with the organization’s intended future direction. It is concerned with long-term people issues and macro-concerns about structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching resources to future need.

The purpose

The purpose of this HR strategy is therefore to guide and provide a road map for the necessary interventions in the organization’s human capital so as to ensure an organization improves on its performance as well as fulfill its mandate effectively.

The specific objectives for this strategy are:-

  • Formulate a plan to transform strategic requirements into HR objectives
  • Create the HR strategic action plan to achieve business objectives
  • Formulate a Business Model Plan
  • Evaluate HR’s role in strategy development and implementation
  • Align the development of the organisation’s human resources to the corporate plan
  • Outline an implementation plan for the identified human resources priority areas.

What it entails

The process of formulation of HR Strategy involves desk review of key relevant documents from the organization  which includes the organization strategic plan, HR policies and procedures manual; staff establishment; employee satisfaction and work environment surveys; organizational structure; performance management and appraisal system; career progression and succession planning and employee training and development strategy, workload analysis among others. Key informant interviews and discussions are held with senior management of the organization.

Questionnaires are designed to gather relevant information for the formulation of the strategy are distributed to the Senior management and are duly analysed.

Thereafter, an initial draft is prepared and presented to the organization for their further input and comments before the final strategy was drafted and submitted.