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Job Evaluation

It is the complete operation of determining the value of an individual job in an organisation in relation to the other jobs in the same organisation.

Objectives of Job Evaluation

  • To establish a basis for assessing jobs that is accepted by employees as fair;
  • Ensure that judgements about jobs are more objective than subjective;
  • Make judgements about content of jobs NOT contribution of job holders;
  • Establish the relative position of jobs in a hierarchy;
  • Measure the relative value of the organisation’s jobs – Internal equity and external competitiveness;
  • Group jobs into an appropriate pay structure;
  • Provide a continuing basis to value jobs that is easy to understand, administer and control;
  • Provide consistency in staff training, development, promotions and transfers;
  • Creates employee satisfaction.

When is job evaluation necessary?

  • Whenever the number of positions in an organisation is so large that no one can reasonably know their relationships or relative worth;
  • When jobs become increasingly complex;
  • Due to rapid changes in the organisation, jobs need to be reviewed periodically.

Main Elements of Job Evaluation

  • Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Selection of an evaluation system
  • Job Rating (Scoring)
  • Salary and Grading Structure
  • Salary Survey for Benchmark Jobs